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JAUNTY PLUS  MODEL  POWER *  SPEED *  RANGE  CHARGING SPEED  Jaunty PLUS  1.265KWatts   < 50 Km/hours  120*Kms  4 Hrs JAUNTY PLUS Electric bikes and electric scooters are the products that are attracting the most attention in the media. Their presence serves a variety of interests at a time when the world is ..

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 Jaunty PLUS  1.265KWatts   < 50 Km/hours  120*Kms  4 Hrs

JAUNTY PLUS Electric bikes and electric scooters are the products that are attracting the most attention in the media. Their presence serves a variety of interests at a time when the world is seeing a volatile spike in fossil fuel prices as well as the looming threat of climate change. Amo Mobility enters the electric vehicle market with a clear mission: to mitigate the harm caused by the two challenges outlined above: climate change and rising fuel prices. The all-new Amo Jaunty Plus is a powerful domestic electric two-wheeler that is designed to help the environment.

Packed with advanced electronics and safety features, Jaunty Plus is a distinguished EV model that is perfected for Indian roads and congestions. This electric bike's high gradeability and mileage/range are only two of its many impressive qualities. The sturdy Jaunty Plus is constructed using sustainable and eco-friendly methods that are always beneficial to the environment. The Jaunty Plus e-scooty is not only affordable, but it also has a long track record of excellent performance and efficiency.

The powerful 1.265 KW Motor integrated into the rear wheel produces greater torque and swift pickup that pushes you ahead of others on the road. Do you want a little more excitement? To reach a speed of less than 50 kmph, simply twist the accelerator. Are you considering a long-distance ride? With a range of 120 Kms, Jaunty Plus can easily transport you from one town to another. Powered by a brushless DC motor, Jaunty Plus has a gradeability of 18 degrees, which is enough to drive through moderate slopes.

The Jaunty Plus is a regular or everyday electric vehicle with a dynamic shape for increased durability and agility. The vehicle's dimensions of 1840mm x 690mm x 1070mm (LxWxH) allow it to make a bold statement on the road that others will enviously admire. With a ground clearance of 160mm and a seat height of 730mm, the Jaunty is spookily elevated for ultimate driving comfort.

The front wheel's telescopic fork suspension and the rear wheel's spring-loaded gas suspension are an ideal combination for comfort and a smooth driving. The sophisticated material composition employed in the Jaunty Plus had already created a buzz, and now the vehicle has been lauded for its lightning-quick braking with front disc and rear drum brakes, respectively.

Let's have a look at the Jaunty Plus batteries now. A strong Li-ion battery powers the Jaunty Plus, which also has a battery swapping system. With greater mileage, this amazing feature has eliminated range concerns. Fast and mobile charging is offered for the electric scooter. A 60 percent charge in two hours and a 100 percent charge in 3-5 hours will surely stun you.

The most appealing aspect of the Jaunty Plus is that it is a futuristic electric car with advanced sensors and electronics. With its electronic functionality, from EABS to engine-kill switch, Jaunty+ is extremely satisfying. Anti-theft and central locking systems are two further electronic elements in the Jaunty+ designed to improve vehicle security. The speed control switch is another advanced feature of this electric scooty.

Tubeless tyres on alloy wheels are appropriate for the instantly recognizable electric bike and both the front and rear wheels are 10-inches in diameter, which is typical for superb directional stability and ease of riding. The wheels on Jaunty Plus are composed of high-quality resources, ensuring that they last a long time and strengthening the e-scooter.

The best-selling electric two-wheeler model, the Jaunty Plus, has extra functions that make mobility more pleasant and effortless. It has a dragonfly-shaped front with an LED headlight and bulb tail lights. Large under-seat storage, digital display, USB-based charging, daytime running light, and other conveniences are included in this iconic electric vehicle.

At Amo Mobility Solutions, we reckon that electric mobility is the answer to mounting ecological issues. We're offering you eco-friendly electric bikes that move the needle towards a future that is renewable, pure, and secure. The new Jaunty Plus electric scooters are light, attractive, and seamless, all of which are impressive qualities.

The Jaunty Plus has everything you need in an electric bike.

FRONT DISC BRAKE AND TELESCOPIC FORK SUSPENSION The Jaunty’s Alloy Wheels are a standout feature that lend an inimitable class to it and its Front Disc Brakes ensure that you need not worry about braking distances. Adding to its already comfortable riding experience are the Telescopic Front Suspensions.

Jaunty an electric vehicle also brings a new age designed, lightweight cast aluminium alloy wheels that perfectly accomplish the style of this product and strengthens the sporty look of the electric Vehicle. SIDE STAND SENSOR WITH HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE For those moments of a hurry when you’ve forgotten to raise your side stand, the Side Stand Sensor keeps you safe and secure. The side stand sensor is good to have onboard on the electric vehicle as it adds to the safety features in Jaunty.

If the EV is on side stand, the engine will not start keeping you and your vehicle safe and secure. COLOR The Jaunty comes in 5 vibrant colours. Pick the one that perfectly suits your unique personality.

Red White Yellow Blue Grey

ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH STYLISH LED LIGHTS Sleek and streamlined, the Jaunty’s design promises the highest levels of safety and helps you effortlessly stand apart from the crowd. The stylish head and back lamps featured in this electric Vehicle are LED Lights which consume less power and help keep the engine running a long way. Offering extremely stylish body graphics, the Jaunty is a family oriented electric Vehicle. ELECTRONIC ASSISTED BRAKING SYSTEM The Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS) assures you of the best braking experience. It is the perfect partner you need while zipping through traffic. Jaunty comes with an Electronic Assisted braking System (EABS) enabled technology with front disc brakes and telescopic fork suspension which helps us giving a smooth and a safe ride.

CHARGER A highly efficient battery of 60 volts 30-50 (Amp-hours) is used in the AMO electric scooter Jaunty. It can go up to 75 Kms on a 4 hours charge while 6 hours charge covers 100 Kms.

This electric scooter is available with two types of batteries: a Lithium-Ion battery and a Valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA battery), both of which are 60 volts and gets fully charged in 4-6 hours. A very good feature of this e-scooter is that it has a detachable battery so that you can change the battery anywhere when you will cover a long distance.


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